Project Category
Land Development


Countdown, Infrastructure and Sub-division

Project Manager
Alec Dunn

Kokomea Village Centre Limited

Lake Terrace, Taupo

24.8 ha


Case study Taupo Subdivision

Services Provided
  • Development management
  • Project management
  • Contract administration
  • The scale and complexity of the project, unforeseen delays and the large number of separate consultants, stakeholders and contractors involved.
  • The project’s four separate development components resulted in multiple sub-projects running concurrently, adding significant complexity.
  • Required a whole-team approach to maintain full oversight of all facets of the development.
  • Several complications arose during the supermarket development which resulted in lengthy negotiations with the tenant and contractor around pricing.
  • Highly sensitive issues around storm water drainage from the site required protracted negotiations.
  • The RDW team maintained highly effective oversight of the entire development and its individual components throughout, in order to be able to execute the optimal solutions.
  • RDW’s development and project management expertise simplified the management of the project considerably for the client – our team handled the many complexities, delays and other issues competently, alleviating a significant level of stress from the client’s shoulders and limiting any negative surprises.
  • While the many issues which arose threatened to derail the project’s timeline and budgets on more than one occasion, the RDW team’s unrivalled level of competency and experience meant we were consistently able to take the smartest solutions to the client, ultimately resulting in successful completion of the project and a very happy client.