Project Category

NZFS Planned Preventative Maintenance

New Zealand Fire Service (NZFS)

South Island, New Zealand

Over 80 Inspections of New Zealand Fire Service Properties


Services Provided
  • Early standardisation of costs from previous project experience and pricing books enabled consistency of maintenance costs across all reports.
  • Regular contact with NZFS enabled a focus on specific areas of concern.
  • Over 5000km were covered using innovative transport methods, increasing efficiency and reducing costs to the client. Inspections were completed more quickly, reducing the time taken to complete the project.
  • The NZFS was seeking to establish maintenance concerns and to achieve a greater level of efficiency in its approach to property maintenance.
  • The fire stations varied in size from small single fire appliance sheds to large facilities with specialised training equipment, accommodation, gymnasiums, laundries and other equipment.
  • The geographical spread of the properties presented access challenges.
  • Tight deadlines required project completion within a challenging timeframe.
  • It was important that across the portfolio the NZFS received consistently high levels of detail in terms of the building defects reported and the remedial action and costings provided.
  • RDW successfully provided the NZFS with detailed analysis of all stations we were instructed to inspect, within the agreed timeframe.
  • The reports RDW issued have provided the NZFS with valuable insight into the condition of their fire stations. By alerting the NZFS to potential maintenance issues and suggesting the best course of action to remediate defects in the short term, our maintenance schedules will save the NZFS substantial maintenance costs in the medium to long term.