Project Category
Aged Care

Large Scale Residential

Weathertightness Remediation and Interior Upgrade Project

Project Manager
Peter Watters

Metlifecare Greenwood Park Village (GWP)

Welcome Bay, Tauranga

2,200 sqm


Services Provided
  • Development management
  • Project management
  • Contract administration
  • Engineer to Contract
  • Scale and extent of weathertightness damage unknown at commencement of project.
  • Feasibility assessment completed to determine optimal remediation solution; demolish and build new or remediate existing properties.
  • Rigorous Tauranga City Council building consent application and construction monitoring process.
  • Reclad, remediation and internal fitout works conducted over four stages with partial occupation by residents.
  • Lengthy construction programme of two and a half years due to the need in keeping residents housed in alternating build stages of the project.
  • Large number of stakeholders requiring extensive communication planning, reporting and engagements.
  • Covid 19 lockdowns created on-going challenges for materials supply and programme.
  • Poor existing construction and design detailing was removed and replaced with current best practice design and construction methods e.g. double glazing in accordance with current building code.
  • Huge accolades received when completed units were handed back for resident occupation. Results and quality of remediation far exceeded expectations. Village management received tremendously positive feedback.
  • Although the project experienced a lengthy construction period and multiple Covid lockdowns construction increasing costs were heavily mitigated due to RDW’s planning and drafting of the construction contract, allowing tight and precise control.
  • What was once a dark and gloomy area of the Village has now become the most desired location by residents. Through the process RDW maintained a strong working relationship with Tauranga City Council’s weathertightness compliance team. This also assisted greatly when working with Council on other client projects with similar challenges.