Project Category
Aged Care

Large Scale Residential

Building Consultancy & Advisory

Project Manager
Peter Watters


Client's New Zealand Property Portfolio

Various depending on assignment and property location

Services Provided
  • Building surveying
  • Project management
  • Cost management
  • Contract administration
  • Varying property repair and remediation investigations across a diverse range of sites and construction applications:
    • Roofs
    • Windows
    • Retaining walls
    • Foot bridges
    • Decks and balconies
    • Drainage
    • Swimming pools
  • Assessment and repair works undertaken in a live and fully operational aged care environment. Health and safety as on all projects was paramount.
  • Due to the age of many property assets as-built documentation was unable to be located, enabling a more in-depth and invasive assessment of issues.
  • Large volume of assessment and remediation needed across a large volume of sites and properties needing a quick and efficient solution to be sought for immediate resolution and repair.
  • Resolution to long term issues which provide a safe and dry environment for village residents and staff.
  • The on-going result achieved the client brief and exceeded client expectations.
  • Full integration with the client’s operations and management processes and procedures to ensure an aligned and streamlined end to end management service.
  • RDW on all occasions assisted village management with prompt and timely key stakeholder communications.
  • Poor historical construction and design detailing was removed and replaced with current best practice design and construction methods.