Project Category

Mainfreight Logistics Supersite

Goodman & Mainfreight

Mangere, Auckland

50,000 sqm


Case Study - Mainfreight Logistics Supersite

Services Provided
  • Project management
  • Contract administration
  • Engineer to contract
  • The presence of a wetland area, as well as the discovery of Māori archeological remnants (shell middens) on the site meant involvement from heritage consultants and iwi representatives.
  • Residential property owner on the site refused to vacate, resulting in protracted negotiations before site works could commence.
  • The demolition of the 40,000sqm glasshouses provided some unique challenges. Taking four months, the project included the deconstruction, sorting and transport of all aluminium and steel framing, glass panels, concrete and other building materials to resource recovery operators.
  • Mainfreight’s decision part way through the project to lease both warehouses (the company had initially signed up for a single warehouse) meant the RDW team had to integrate the tenant’s requirements into the project while it was already in progress. This involved making significant design changes, including adding a full commercial kitchen facility for staff.
  • Over 750 tonnes of metal and 400 tonnes of glass was recycled.
  • RDW delivered the project on time – a significant achievement given the scale of the project and the multiple challenges that arose, as well as the difficulties of operating during Covid.
  • Goodman was delighted with the outcome. A carbon neutral development achieving 5 Green Star Built status in addition to 5 star design rating.
  • Consistent with our drive to consistently take the smartest solutions to our clients, we closely managed Mainfreight’s integration into the design of the second warehouse.
  • Through leveraging RDW’s excellent competency and execution capabilities, we accelerated certain aspects of the programme while deferring others to facilitate Mainfreight’s early access of the facility two months ahead of schedule. This was a major achievement which saved significant costs for the tenant, who were vacating other sites. It also had a substantial positive impact on Goodman’s development return.