Project Category

New Retail Banking Facility HQ

Kiwibank Limited

20 Customhouse Quay, Wellington

6,000 sqm


Case Study - Kiwibank

Services Provided
  • Project management
  • Large scale procurement
  • Contract administration
  • Engineer to contract
  • Construction of the tower was running late, presenting critical challenges with integrating the Kiwibank fit out into an incomplete building.
  • Main building construction delays causing downstream adjustments to RDW's programme, alignment with managing Kiwibank’ s lease tails across several existing premises.
  • Working across five floors in a busy construction environment. Multiple contracts and one goods lift for access.
  • Majority of sub-contractors working on the project were under-resourced.
  • Managing multiple budgets; main contract hard fit out (MCHF), sub-divisional hard fit out (SHF) and furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FFE) raised further complexities.
  • RDW implemented a goods lift booking system which greatly improved access.
  • RDW’s lease negotiation expertise meant we were able to change the agreement to lease dates for the new premises without triggering the commencement of rent payments too early, to achieve cost efficiency for Kiwibank.
  • RDW’s good relationships within Kiwibank helped to manage internal stakeholders effectively. RDW also maintained good working relationships with the head contractor and landlord, greatly contributing to the successful project outcome.
  • RDW’s thorough understanding of building services ensured correct integration of the fit out while avoiding errors.
  • The success of the project has led to a positive long-term partnership between RDW and Kiwibank. RDW is also now Kiwibank’s long term partner for all its retail roll-out projects, underscoring the value and trust developed during this project.

Client Testimonial

‘RDW has worked with Kiwibank on various office refurbishments, relocations and retail roll-out projects for several years. Throughout our partnership, RDW has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and attention to detail that has consistently exceeded our expectations. Their team is knowledgeable, professional, responsive and dedicated to delivering high-quality results on time and within budget. 

They have kept us informed on future projects and are happy to take phone calls to assist in feasibility studies, or providing market knowledge to help our team with project management and building consultancy matters. We highly recommend the RDW team and hope to continue working with them as valuable partners to our property team.’

Dean Turner
Head of Property