Property is regarded as a primary asset class and as such requires consultancy services at a professional level akin to that of other major asset classes.

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For property Owners and Investors, we help you look after the physical life cycle of a building from acquisition to disposal.

We help you manage all of the practical steps in between. We draw on a comprehensive range of technical and professional skills to help you maximize the value of your assets.

Whatever your objectives, we can help to make your investment perform at a higher level.


Investor Technical Due Diligence

Our technical due diligence (TDD) reports enable clients to make informed decisions about a proposed purchase and are a vital tool in the property acquisition process. They take into account the suitability of the property for a particular use and the potential liabilities and future costs that may be incurred.

To ensure the highest level of expertise, we will, where required, source and manage specialists, such as mechanical and electrical engineers, lift consultants, environmental specialists and structural engineers.

We only use our senior Chartered Surveyors for due diligence reporting and can achieve a fast turnaround of survey advice ensuring all pertinent issues are relayed without delay.

Over the past 10 years we have inspected most of the significant office towers in Auckland and Wellington and have completed some of the largest industrial and bulk retail portfolio transactions in the country. In addition, we have inspected many offshore properties for a variety of investors.

As Chartered Surveyors we ensure absolute confidentiality and independence whilst abiding by the RICS strict code of ethics.

Vendor Technical Due Diligence

Vendor technical due diligence (VTDD) reports are similar to our standard technical due diligence reports, with the exception that they are commissioned by the existing owners of the building. They are typically commissioned when a building owner wishes to sell a property and can help the sale process to progress quicker and with more certainty.

Our reports can be transferred to purchasers who may then be granted the benefit of our Professional Indemnity insurance cover.

Specification Writing

In any construction project, a detailed and accurate specification of works is essential to ensure that the finished works reflect what was envisaged at the design stage.

A construction specification details the works to be carried out, the materials to be used, the level of workmanship and the quality required.

The specification forms an important component of the Tender Documentation and is therefore important for ensuring accurate cost information is obtained and is a key component in reducing contractor variations.

Our Building Consultancy team has a great deal of experience in drawing up specification documentation and will be able to formulate accurate specification documentation to deliver your project requirements.

Contract Administration

On small to medium sized projects, rather than employing a raft of separate consultants, appointing a Contract Administrator to act as a one-stop service can be simpler, quicker and less expensive.

Rebbeck Dunn Watters provide Contract Administration services for your projects and our Chartered Surveyors are able advise on the selection and implementation of the most appropriate form of contract to suit the requirements of your project.
We have vast expertise in providing the following all under a single appointment:

  • Development and understanding of the project aims and requirements of the client
  • Production of design specifications, preparation of the contract documents, including all drawings, schedules etc.
  • Tendering and procurement to the open market
  • Preparing tender analysis documentation making recommendations to the client on how best to proceed
  • Valuing and certifying the works and administering practical completion
  • Robustly monitoring contractor performance
  • Ensuring your building project is completed on time and to budget
  • Working in tandem with a range of other professional consultants, including M&E, structural and quantity surveyors.

Dilapidations (make good/reinstatement)

Rebbeck Dunn Watters are experts in the preparation and negotiation of dilapidations claims for Landlord’s.

We review the relevant documentation and provide a thorough and commercially minded approach to their dilapidations requirements.

We tailor our advice to meet the needs of each of our clients and provide accurate cost information and advice. We work hard to achieve the most commercially favourable settlement for our client.

Our services include:

  • General dilapidations strategy advice for Landlords
  • Preparation of interim and terminal dilapidations schedules
  • The assessment and preparation of dilapidations liability reports
  • Negotiations of financial settlement for landlords
  • Monitoring tenants works on behalf of landlords

On behalf of building owners or investors, we have in the past 5 years settled 70+ dilapidations claims. In all cases we have provided satisfaction with high settlement success rates.

Planned Maintenance

We develop costed maintenance plans which enable the development of cost effective strategies for long-term maintenance that ensures your assets continue to provide a defined level of service and performance, maximising the value of your asset.

Undertaking maintenance plans on your properties will allow the development and implementation of long term cost effective strategies and the management of the risks associated with material/component failures.

Premises Condition Reports (PCR)

Premises condition reports accurately record a property’s state of repair and condition at lease commencement.

By obtaining a benchmark of the current condition of a premises at lease commencement, it is possible to accurately assess a Tenant’s future reinstatement liabilities. The PCR also records ownership of fixtures and fittings which helps avoid confusion at lease end. The implementation of PCR’s into Lease documentation is becoming common practice in New Zealand and is recommended by the Auckland District Law Society.

Premises condition reports are also undertaken prior to significant redevelopment works being undertaken near your property, as they can demonstrate if any damage has been caused as a result of these works.

Reinstatement Cost Assessments

Reinstatement Cost Assessments (RCA’s) are accurate valuations of the cost of reinstating a property following an unforeseen event resulting in the total loss of the property such as fire, flooding, earthquake etc.

New Zealand insurers now take a “total sum insured” approach – which means that instead of insuring property for its replacement value, the owner now has to nominate a maximum amount of insurance. This nominated amount is the most that the insurance company will pay out.

If a property can be re-built for less than the nominated amount, the insurer will pay out the lesser amount. The insurer is never obliged to pay more than the nominated amount. As such it is vital to have accurate and up to date costs for the reinstatement of an asset, as being under insured is now entirely the responsibility of the owner.

Formulating an RCA is a skilled task, which requires accurate measurements of the entire site as well as a thorough understanding of the construction methodology and up-to-date costs.

The Rebbeck Dunn Watters Building Consultancy team have up-to-date construction cost information and the expertise to ensure a reliable assessment is attained.

Development Monitoring

Rebbeck Dunn Watters have the expertise to act in the role of Development Monitor – acting for owners and investors to report upon progress on site and to advise on potential risks to our client.

In the role of Development Monitor, we work with project teams to represent and protect the interests of our client.

Space Planning and CAD Services

Our in house CAD Engineers can undertake accurate measured surveys of your premises and formulate accurate drawings utilizing Computer Aided Design.

We utilise these drawings to assist with your space planning to ensure that your business objectives are reflected on site in the most space efficient way.

Tenancy Co-ordination

The Tenancy Coordination is a vital and technical component of an integrated development project. We have significant experience in this specialist field. At high level the Tenancy Coordination Team is responsible for ensuring the hand over and trade dates are achieved by coordinating base build and services work along with management of the base building and fitout contractors. Typical duties performed by our Tenancy Coordination team may include include:

    • Issue of services drawings to the base building contractor for pricing and issue of quote to the tenant
    • Obtain copies of the relevant Council paperwork from the tenant
    • Review and comment on tenant drawings
    • Organise services installation as per tenant drawings
    • Organise handover to shop fitter
    • Ensure shopfitters are safety inducted and shopfitter programme, insurance certificates and bonds received
    • Coordinate remaining services installation with the shopfitter
    • Collect all relevant certificates and producer statements from the shopfitter
    • Quality assurance inspections and identification of defects


      • Office
      • Industrial
      • Retail
      • Hotels & Leisure
      • Public
      • Large Scale Residential


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